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St. Clair County Transit District Announces Service Changes Set for June 15

To streamline services and meet the changing needs of its customer base, St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) today announced two bus route changes that will go into effect on Monday, June 15. This includes the suspension of the #2X Waterloo-Columbia Express and the discontinuation of the #7 Fairmont City MetroBus route. Alternative service options …
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May 15

Request for Proposals for Campaign on MetroBikeLink System in St. Clair County, Illinois

Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) in partnership with the St. Clair County Transit District are seeking a consultant to assist in the creation of a comprehensive marketing campaign on the MetroBikeLink system in St. Clair County, IL to build and promote ridership on the bike system and connecting transit system.  Key messaging will outline the …
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May 19
Transit Vision 2020 As the community within St. Clair County evolves, so do the region’s transit needs.

The St. Clair County Transit District Board has voted to approve the adoption of the SCCTD Transit Vision 2020 Network Plan, featuring increased frequency on certain routes, expansion of service on weekends and improved service to area hospitals.

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All aboard the Red Bird Express. Getting to the game has never been easier.

Catch a ride to the Cardinal’s home games on the Red Bird Express. Buses depart from St. Clair Square two and a half hours prior to game time with frequent service up to 40 minutes prior to first pitch.

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I'm a bike and Metro commuter and use both on a daily basis. I take the train to St. Louis every day and ride the bike on the MetroBikeLink every evening to Scott Air Force Base and then back to Belleville. I love both! We moved here 4 years ago from Washington, DC. 
- Chad McCullough Bike and Metro commuter
Bring home a win with the Red Bird Express