MRTD Express

Connecting Monroe County to St. Clair County

St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) in partnership with the Monroe Randolph Transit District (MRTD) as a part of the SCCTD Transit Vision 2020 plan, MRTD will now operate the MRTD Express, connecting to the #2 Cahokia route (which replaces the #2X Waterloo-Columbia Express which served the 5th and Missouri MetroLink Station).

MRTD will have two-morning buses starting at the 4th and Library stop in Waterloo. The MRTD Express schedule and stops below, are subject to change as services continue to evolve to meet passengers’ needs:

AM Route                                         Bus 1            Bus 2

4th & Library                                    5:40 AM         6:10 AM

Main & Whiteside                            5:55 AM         6:25 AM

181 Columbia Ctr                            6:00 AM         6:30 AM

S. Fifth St. & Main                           6:05 AM         6:35 AM

Main & Railroad                              6:10 AM         6:40 AM

Prairie du Pont Firehouse               6:15 AM         6:45 AM

PM Route

Prairie du Pont Firehouse              4:41 PM         5:21 PM

(to return stop as listed above)

Metro Transit fare tickets and passes will be accepted aboard the MRTD Express.