St. Clair County Transit District Approves Funding for Air Mobility Trail

The St Clair County Transit District recently approved funding for the construction of the Air Mobility Trail in Shiloh, Ill. The trail project will consist of an approximately 1.2-mile long and 10-foot wide paved trail from Siebert Road to the MetroBikeLink System. Upon completion, this trail will create a 5-mile, spin-off loop from the MetroBikeLink via Shiloh Station Road, Lebanon Avenue and Seibert Road with a small portion of the trail being on the roadway.

The SCCTD Board approved the Village of Shiloh’s request to help offset the cost for the construction of the trail. The SCCTD Board approved $134,000 of Village of Shiloh’s cost of $268,503. The Village of Shiloh has also received funding from IDNR and MERPD for the project. This project is expected to be completed in 2022.

“This new trail meets the needs of connecting parks, schools and residential neighborhoods,” commented Herb Simmons, Chair for the St. Clair County Transit District Board of Trustees. “We are happy to partner with the Village of Shiloh to provide this type of quality of life amenity.”

The first section of the MetroBikeLink System opened in 2002 and was comprised of a four-mile trail, running from Southwestern Illinois College to the Belleville MetroLink Station. Since then, the system has expanded to include the Swansea MetroLink Section, Memorial Section, Fairview Heights sections, Orchard Loop Trail Phases I and II and the Shiloh Scott sections, Englemann Park Connector – which all connect back to the original trail. Currently, the 15-mile long MetroBikeLink System runs from the Shiloh-Scott Metro Station to the Fairview Heights Metro Station, providing access to six MetroLink stations and four different communities. Phases I and II of the Old Collinsville Road Trail, featuring approximately 1.7 miles of trail, are expected to be opened in 2022. Phase III will be completed in 2023. The St. Ellen Park Trail will be completed in 2021.