SCCTD and CMT Release RFP for Programming and PR

The St. Clair County Transit District in partnership with CMT is undertaking a 20 month education campaign, which will include transit benefit programming, education on transit options, community campaigns, placemaking and transit access.  SCCTD is seeking a firm to assist with these efforts in planning, executing and promoting these events and messaging items.

The programs would include Social marketing; email outreach; promotional events; transit advertising, website promotions, and outreach will all be used to connect with St. Clair County residents and riders.  The goal would be to reach the target market at least three to six times over the time period – moving them into action.

Work products will include press releases, website updates, execution of events, and outreach programs on the following topics related to transit:

  • Expansion of Microtransit in St. Clair County
  • Transit Stop Transformations
  • Community education and incentive programming
  • Social Marketing outreach


Proposals requested by 4 p.m. on April 30, 2024.

Full RFP available here.