New MetroBus Shelters Will be Popping up in St. Clair County this Spring

The St. Clair County Transit District is partnering with Bi-State Development to ensure the safety and comfort of its riders.   Work is underway on Phase I of bus stop renovations.  The contractor is wrapping up the new concrete pads for approximately 25 locations for shelters.  Upon completion of the concrete work, Metro Transit will then begin installing the new shelters in the coming weeks.  Metro is expected to begin installation on April 8. Once Phase I is complete, Phase II will follow shortly.

“The comfort and safety of our riders is paramount to the St. Clair County Transit District. This capital investment in our shelters has been a top priority. We look forward to seeing the completion of these shelters and many more to come this summer,” said Herb Simmons, Chair of the St.  Clair County Board of Trustees.

Locations to be completed for Phase I portion:

  • Main at 45th Street WB
  • 25th Street at State SB
  • Main at 45th Street EB
  • State at 38th Street WB
  • State at76th Street WB
  • State at 37th Street EB
  • Lorraine at Judith NB
  • Martin Luther King at 6th Street SB
  • State at 83rd Street EB