MetroBikeLink Rules

MetroBikeLink rules inlcude the following.  News signs will be posted throughout the MetroBikeLink trails.

  • Trail Hours Sunrise To Sunset
  • No Motorized Vehicles Allowed Except For Wheelchairs And Mobility Devices
  • Walkers And Runners Stay To The Right
  • Bicyclists Yield To Pedestrians:
    • Please Announce “On Your Left” As You Prepare To Pass Slower Traffic
  • No Firearms Allowed
  • Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Is Prohibited
  • Dogs Must Be Leashed At All Times.
    • Maximum Leash lLength Is 6’
  • Please Dispose Of Litter Properly

For Maintenance Concerns, Please Contact The St. Clair County Transit District At: 618-628-8090 Or

In Case Of Emergency, Dial 9-1-1. Or Utilize An Emergency Call Box Where Available