SCCTD Ambassadors Work to Enhance Service Through Personal Communications with Riders

The St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) launched a new Ambassador program focused on enhancing service and growing ridership through improved customer service, education, and promotion of SCCTD services. The Ambassadors primary role is to promote the public’s safe enjoyment and use of the MetroLink, MetroBus and SCCTD’s Bike and Pedestrian (MetroBikeLink) systems.

“Our Ambassadors are an extension of our SCCTD commitment to improving the transit rider experience through meaningful engagement and delivery of the services our riders want,” said Chairman of St. Clair County Transit District Board Richie Meile.  “Acting on feedback directly from our riding public allows us to better serve the community in a more timely and efficient manner than ever before.”

SCCTD Ambassadors will engage the riding public with rider surveys and other educational materials, asking for suggestions for current and future SCCTD services.  Additionally, SCCTD Ambassadors will report on and make suggestions for station upgrades and maintenance, recommend installation or removal of bus shelters, and assist in maintaining the cleanliness of all SCCTD transit properties.

“We are excited to have another way to connect with riders.  Establishing a direct communication channel with riders through our ambassadors is one more way that we are working to improve service and build ridership,” added Meile.  The St. Clair County Transit District is also working to add several bus shelters along heavily utilized routes with community partners, has placed new trash receptacles at O’Fallon bus stops through a partnership with the City of O’Fallon, and recently underwrote three new transit patrol vehicles for the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department.