Transit Can Deliver in St. Clair County with a New Vision

Commentary from Illinois Business Journal - January 2020

We know public transit is promoting job creation, stronger economies and the vibrancy of neighborhoods in communities across St. Clair County, IL. Yet, there is now the opportunity to create a vision for our transit system for the future.

The St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) is conducting an in-depth review of the existing transit network through a study called SCCTD Transit Vision 2020. This study is possible because of the commitment and leadership on the part of St. Clair County District’s Board of Trustees chaired by Herb Simmons. The purpose of the study is to identify what is and is not working well, where service is and is not needed, and ultimately, how SCCTD can better serve the region. We have been working since last summer to better understand how we can best serve our existing and potential customers, and further define transit’s role in regional mobility and economic development.  The goal will be to Increase ridership through improved design and operation in St. Clair County and the surrounding metro area.

However, this vision does not work without the participation of St. Clair County residents and businesses.   We want to hear from current and future riders of the system.  We want to know what your needs are and how you want the system to work in order to meet your needs.  We are about 4-months into this 9-month evaluation process.  There have been numerous opportunities to weigh in, and there is still time to hear about the proposed changes impacting all 15 townships in our district and voice your opinions. We want to encourage residents and business owners to visit our website, review some of the proposed changes listed and join in the conversation by taking the online survey.  Your voice can only help us make the system better.

Transit CAN deliver even more to St. Clair County with your participation and support. Part of our success requires you to get involved and help us shape a shared community-wide vision for public transit. SCCTD is challenging both residents and business owners to weigh in today at or call 618.628-8090.

Ken Sharkey, Managing Director of the St. Clair County Transit District