St. Clair County Transit District to Introduce Smaller, More Fuel-efficient Buses to Fleet

New Buses are Part of SCCTD’s Efforts to “Right Size” its Fleet to Fit Today’s Evolving Customer Base

The St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) today announced  it is adding  five, smaller, more fuel-efficient buses in an effort to “right size” its fleet to fit today’s evolving ridership needs. These new diesel, low-floor, 29 foot GILLIG buses serve as a more cost-effective means for serving select routes in SCCTD’s service area.

Each bus includes a wheelchair ramp verses a hydraulic lift and features a smoother, low-floor access design that enables riders to step on and off without having to ascend or descend steps. The buses are also equipped with a protective driver barrier, a new-style camera system with an awareness display monitor that alternates between all camera views, and curb lamps that illuminate the right front and rear curb areas at the wheels. The GILLIG buses make it easier for drivers to navigate tight spaces with small turn radiuses, have higher fuel efficiency and are better for the environment.

“SCCTD is excited about the future of transit in St. Clair County and is committed to ensuring that the system continues to serve our region efficiently, effectively and safely,” said Herb Simmons, Chair of the St. Clair County Transit Board of Trustees. “The new buses will help meet the evolving needs of our ridership, while saving energy and money and providing a smoother, safer ride.”