Project: ATS Paratransit Scheduling and Dispatch Program

Scope of Services: SCCTD & ATS are considering a new Dispatch and Scheduling Software for the Alternative Transportation System. The requirements of the capabilities and improvements needed are as follows:

  • The Software should be primarily Paratransit with a Share Ride capability.
  • The Software should include multiple fare systems.
  • The Software should be Cloud Based with the ability to log in from a portable electronic device.
  • The Software should have adjustable routes with real time automatic route distribution for cancellations to eliminate down time and reduce miles.
  • The system shall be capable of a tracking each unit and displaying on a mapping system identifying its location.
  • Software shall monitor Driver Hours of Service
  • Software for entire system shall be current technology standards.

RFP should include the following:

  1. Qualifications
  2. References
  3. Equipment ie. cameras, dvr, software etc.

Each company submitting and RFQ shall submit 6 complete sets for review. The RFQ’s are due by 10 am on March 20, 2020 and are be addressed as follows:

ATS Paratransit Scheduling and Dispatch Program
St Clair County Transit District
Attention: Director of Facilities
27 North Illinois Ave
Belleville, IL 62220

The RFQ’s will be reviewed with the preferred two (2) to be presented to the St Clair County Transit Board for approval to proceed with contract and cost negotiations. Upon final review of contracts one (1) company shall be chosen to be awarded the contract for the “ATS Paratransit Scheduling and Dispatch Program”.