St. Clair County Approves Bill on Mutual Aid Agreement between Sheriff’s Department and St.  Louis City Police on MetroLink

Sheriff’s Deputies to expand MetroLink patrols to City of St. Louis Stations

The St. Clair County Board passed a resolution authorizing a mutual aid agreement for St. Clair County Sheriff’s deputies to provide law enforcement services on the Missouri side of the MetroLink system last night.  This resolution paralleled an ordinance passed in the City of St. Louis on June 1.

“Ridership on the public transit system has declined more than 20 percent over the past several years. While fuel costs and economic activity are among the contributing factors associated with the negative ridership trend, the most troubling problem involves public confidence in the system. Public perception and faith in the system’s safety has been seriously eroded. St. Clair County knows we need to step up to ensure all riders feel safe and secure on the system. This bill allows us to assist the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and St. Louis County Police to accomplish that goal,” said Mark Kern, Chairman of St. Clair County Board.

The resolution called for a mutual aid agreement between the City of St. Louis and St. Clair County, IL, for St. Clair County law enforcement officers to provide law enforcement services and activities on MetroLink property within the City of St. Louis.  St. Louis County police officers in the MetroLink unit are already patrolling stations to the CWE Station.

With the support of Chairman Mark Kern, the ordinance passed unanimously.   This ordinance is part of ongoing work to increase security on MetroLink and boost patrols.  The next step will be the development of the actual mutual aid agreement.

SCCTD mission is to work with area partners and elected officials to ensure safe, reliable transportation access to work, education and healthcare.