SCCTD Awarded Grant for Old Collinsville Road Trail Phase 4

The Metro East Park and Recreation District (MERPD) today announced $2 million in grant funding under the Park and Trail Grant Program to 16 projects across the Metro-East, including the St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD).  SCCTD received $300,000 in funding for the Old Collinsville Road Trail, Phase 4.

The Old Collinsville Road Trail is envisioned to extend from Lebanon Avenue in Belleville to Milburn School Road in Fairview Heights.  Phase 1, from Lebanon Avenue to Rand Lane, to be constructed in 2022.  Phase 2 of the Old Collinsville Road Trail includes 1.25 miles of trail along Old Collinsville Road. This is also connected to Swansea’s new Clinton Hills Conservation Park trail system with 0.12 mile connector trail.  Phase III plans include a trail running along Old Collinsville Road, approximately 0.78 miles from Munie Road to Frank Scott Parkway East (FSPE) and is to be constructed in late 2022 based upon completion date of earlier phases. Phase 4 includes a trail running along Old Collinsville Road, approximately 1.0  mile from Frank Scott Parkway East (FSPE) to Ashland Avenue where it will connect to St. Ellen Park’s trail which runs 1.0 mile from Ashland Avenue to Hartman Lane. Topographic survey and design yet to be started.

SCCTD Sees Continued Progress on Trail System

At the September 21 SCCTD Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved two additional corridor studies for future trail locations – one to provide connection to the MetroBikeLink in West Belleville area and one to connect Lebanon with the proposed MetroBikeLink extension to MidAmerica Airport.  Both studies will determine feasibility, costs, and preferred corridor for the connections, as well as a multi-year phasing plan to maximize available grant monies.