Right-sizing Transit to Meet Changing Customer Needs

Public transportation access is essential to the vitality of communities throughout Southwestern Illinois. It goes beyond getting people where they need to go. Accessibility is about economics, equality, education, improved health and environmental outcomes, and the ability to attract and retain business.

It is imperative transportation providers recognize that mobility needs change and then evolve to accommodate customers. Fixed-route service on 40-foot buses makes sense in some areas, yet in other parts of the community smaller 29-foot buses offer a better solution, as does flexible, shared-ride service that is available when and where you need it.

Providing transit access close to people’s homes and places of employment is important and key to building ridership. The St. Clair County Transit District introduced its FLYER service in East St. Louis in November 2019. It’s now available now in Fairmount City and is rolling out in Belleville in mid-May to replace the infrequent use of the #17 MetroBus being discontinued on June 14.

The FLYER provides door-to-transit and transit-to-door service, closing the gap often referred to as the last-mile or distance between homes and places of employment and transit stops. The on-demand service can also be used for direct trips to homes, workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, shopping establishments, entertainment venues and other destinations within the service zones.

Transit service is playing a critical role in the continual growth of Belleville and surrounding communities. Now is the time to get on board public transit and see where you can go.

Ken Sharkey,
Managing Director
St. Clair County Transit District