Old Town Swansea Pop-Up Bike/Walk Event

Saturday, August 10, 2019, from 9 AM to 11 AM at the Swansea MetroLink Station

Residents and visitors of Swansea are welcome to attend this walk and bike ride to try potential streetscape improvements that could be part of the Old Town Streetscape Master Plan. Attendees will walk, ride, or both in a 1-mile loop (or shorter if you choose) to test out bike paths, sidewalks, multi-use paths, and other enhancements to the streets around the MetroLink Station. Guests are encouraged to provide feedback about what they liked and didn’t like, challenges, and ideas. It is an opportunity for residents to learn about possible infrastructure enhancements for walking and biking and try them out. This is an activity for all ages and refreshments will be provided.

The route begins at the MetroLink parking lot. Participants will travel east on Metro Way, where different types of bike lanes will be temporarily added to the street. Walkers will use the sidewalk. At Illinois Street, participants will use the crosswalk and signal to access the sidewalk on the east side of Illinois Street, then travel north. The sidewalk will be marked as a multi-use path and they will be able to test sections of path buffered and not buffered from the street. Participants will use the signalized crosswalks to cross both Fullerton Road and Illinois Street and then continue west on Fullerton Road on the sidewalk. To complete the loop, they will turn south onto Metro Way and finish at the MetroLink Station. Two staff will be stationed at the Metro Link Station for the event with additional staff at each turn to guide participants and collect feedback. Click here to join the event on Facebook.