Maintaining MetroBikeLink System Top Priority for the Transit District


The St. Clair County Transit District recently wrapped several maintenance projects along the MetroBikeLink system to ensure a positive experience whether you are a biker, walker, roller blade or passenger on the system. Projects included crack filling along the entire system as well as repairs to sections of the trail in Dr. Tom Amlung Nature Preserve by local contractor Sonnenberg. In addition, sealcoating and striping of the three-mile SCCTD Orchard Loop Phase I was just completed.

“Thank you to all our patrons for their patience as we continue to make improvements and expansions to the MetroBikeLink system in St. Clair County. Our goal is to ensure a smooth ride for all our users, and we are committed to not only expanding the system but maintaining the miles of trails we currently have available,” said Ken Sharkey, Managing Director of SCCTD.

The MetroBikeLink System opened in 2002 and was comprised of a four-mile trail, extending from Southwestern Illinois College to the Swansea MetroLink Station. Since then, the system has expanded to include the Memorial, Fairview Heights and Shiloh Scott sections for a total of 14 miles of trail adjacent to the MetroLink light rail tracks. Additional trails have been built by SCCTD to connect to this main artery, including SCCTD Orchard Loop Trail Phases I and II, the Engelmann Park Connector and the Old Collinsville Road Trail (currently under construction), totaling another eight miles of SCCTD connected trails. These accessible pathways, along with the connecting trails from other municipalities, will combine to provide over 35 miles of connected trails in St. Clair County including: the MetroBikeLink (14-mile continuous trail along the light rail alignment), Richland Creek Bikeway (1.5 miles), Orchard Loop Trail (4.7 mile partial loop to date), East Belleville Bikeway (2 miles), Boul Avenue Trail (0.5 mile), Mel Price Connector Trail (0.3 mile), SWIC Loop Trail (0.9 mile), Engelmann Farm/Shiloh Station Road Trail (1.3 miles), Air Mobility Drive Trail (1.2 miles), Seibert Road Trail (1 mile), St. Ellen Park Trail (1 mile), Old Collinsville Road Trail (1.7 miles under construction with another 1.8 miles in planning), Tecklenberg Trail (1.1 miles in planning) and Fairview Heights – Swansea Trail (1.7 miles in planning).