IL Legislature Looks at Transit Rider Bill for Those Breaking the Rules in Chicago

Illinois House Bill 1342 would allow mass transit districts to suspend riding privileges and confiscate the fare cards of people who break the rules on buses and trains. Sponsoring Rep. Eva-Dina Delgado (D-Chicago) said during the floor debate the bill was about protecting transit workers from harassment.


Rep. Delgado’s bill passed with an overwhelming 91-13 margin, with 4 votings “Present.”   HB 1342 amends the Metropolitan Transit Authority Act. It provides that the powers of the Chicago Transit Board include the ability to pass ordinances or adopt rules and regulations concerning the suspension of riding privileges or confiscation of fare media.


Metro Transit in St. Louis already has a similar program in place with the Ride and Abide policy.  The local Ride and Abide Policy, developed in collaboration with regional leaders and law enforcement partners, allow Metro Transit to suspend transit privileges for individuals who repeatedly engage in prohibited conduct on the Metro Transit system or whose behavior is determined to be unacceptably severe or offensive.