CMT Seeking Proposals for Engagement Around Fifth and Missouri Transit Center in East St. Louis

Citizens for Modern Transit is teaming up with the St. Clair County Transit District and AARP in St. Louis to activate the space around the 5th and Missouri Transit Center in East St. Louis. This joint initiative, known as the “Transit Stop Transformation Project,” will transform the area between the MetroBus area serving both Metro Transit and the SCCTD Flyer and the entrance to MetroLink– into a fun, artistic space that encourages active play, cultivates community and increases transit use.

Citizens for Modern Transit (“CMT”) is seeking a community engagement consultant to assist with the community engagement around the Fifth and Missouri Transit Transformation project in East St.  Louis, IL.  The goal will be to increase ridership on the system through community engagement around a permanent placemaking project around transit.

RFP for Community Engagement for Fifth & MO Transit Transformation Project