St. Clair County Transit District Partners with Art on Square, UMB Bank and Local Artist on Rail, Trails & Art Installation

The St. Clair County Transit District (SCCTD) is teaming up with Art on the Square, UMB Bank and local architect-artist Gary Karasek to bring art to life along eleven miles of the MetroLink and MetroBikeLink trail in St. Clair County.  Sponsored by UMB Bank, Rails, Trails and Art is a series of vibrant, moving Shtick People Sculptures  that will be installed  along the trail for the enjoyment of walkers, bikers and transit users in Southwestern, IL.  The installation will occur in November, 2018. 

“Art is a key component of activating the spaces around transit in Southwestern IL,” said Richard Meile, St. Clair County Transit District Board Chair. “We are honored to have the opportunity to work with UMB Bank, Art on the Square and Gary to bring this element to our multi-modal system in this community.  These sculptures will engage all users of our system from 8 to 80. Part of activating a space is activating all the senses, and this 11 mile installation provides a community amenity for all residents.”

The sculpture series initially debuted at the 2018 Art on the Square festival in downtown Belleville in May.   The St. Clair County Transit District will be installing the art along the MetroLink alignment and trail from Belleville Memorial Station through Swansea, downtown Belleville, Southwestern Illinois College and terminating at the Shiloh-Scott Station.  The Shtick figures include: Bicyclist; Space Flyer; Unicyclist; Bird Power; Monster Bike; Mythical Beast; Trike; Pogo Shticks; Windy and Skateboarder.

“We believe transit riders, bikers and walkers will be snapping “Shtick Selfies” all throughout the year as the art adds life to our alignment,” added Meile.

Founded in 1981, St. Clair County Transit District oversees 11 MetroLink stations and 18 bus routes in St. Clair County, IL.  If commuters have any questions about service, they can contact (618) 628-8090 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.  For more information visit